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Is the Winter Showcase & Spring Showcase required?

No, our performances are optional. Dancers not participating still take class throughout the season. They will learn the choreography, but just in a position that will be easily omitted once we get to the stage.


When is the Winter Showcase & Spring Showcase?

Usually the Winter Showcase takes place at the beginning of December. Winter Showcase is open to all, but participation is not required.


Dancers must register to participate in the Winter Showcase. Registration opens July 1st and closes October 20th. Usually the Spring Showcase takes place at the beginning of June. Dancers are automatically signed up for the Spring Showcase unless you request to withdraw them from the show. The last day to withdraw from the Spring Showcase is December 15th.


Where are the Winter & Spring Showcases?

We are currently planning to hold both Showcases at New Milford High School.


How do I buy a costume?

Costumes for the Winter Showcase are rented. A performance/costume fee is charged upon registration to participate in the Winter Showcase to cover the cost of costume handling and care. Costumes for the Spring Showcase will be ordered over the holiday break. They are automatically billed (Deposit in October/Balance in April). The Spring Showcase is optional. If you choose not to participate, please inform the office in writing no later than December 15th. All costume deposits and balances are non-refundable. You can still participate in classes up until the very end without performing.


What show am I in?

Please visit our website or under Shared Files in our Spotlight Dance Conservatory App/Parent Portal for “Who’s In What Show” info. Available December/January.


When do costumes come in?

Beginning of February - April. Costumes will be tried on during class time when they arrive. Costumes will be available to pick up at the end of April/beginning of May during our Costume Pick-Up Day.


How much are tickets?

Ticket prices usually range between $20 and $30. Dancers participating in the show will be backstage during the performance and do not need a ticket.


Why does my child have to wear makeup?

f your child is performing on stage, they need to wear makeup or they will be hard to see from a distance and the bright lights will wash them out. Blush, lipstick or lip gloss on little ones are highly recommended. Browns and whites for eyes are also recommended.


What is required as far as makeup, hair, tights, shoes, & accessories?

Each class will receive specifics from their teacher on what color tights & shoes, hair style, and other additional costume notes. Please visit our website, click on the recital tab and a link will pull up the documents for you. It should also be available on our app/parent portal under shared files some time in April.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer sign-ups will be available online via the parent portal starting on May 1st. 


Can I go backstage during the show?

Only volunteers are permitted backstage or in dressing rooms. This is for the safety of all of our performers.


If my child has a costume change, where do they change?

Dancers will have designated dressing rooms for changes. Dancers with quick changes will change backstage. All changes are done by faculty or with a volunteer.


Can I photograph/video during recital?

No Flash Photography or Video for the safety of the dancers.


What is the reason for stage rehearsal? Stage rehearsals are meant so dancers can practice entering and exiting stage, use of lights and blue/blackout, practice spacing, and dancing in front of an audience without a mirror. These rehearsals are MANDATORY.

Where do I bring my child for stage rehearsal? Do I stay? All dancers report to the auditorium and sit with his/her class until their stage time. Parents are welcome to stay. Each routine has approximately 10-15 minutes on stage.


Where do I drop off/pick up for recital? All dancers are to report to designated dressing rooms. Dancers should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show. One parent/guardian will get a wristband from the office or from a staff member during staging rehearsals or before the show. Only people with wrist bands will be allowed backstage AFTER the show to pick up their dancer and their belongings. Please have other family members wait in the lobby. No one will be allowed backstage once the show starts.


How long is each show?

Each show is 75-90 minutes and will not have an intermission

Are dancers allowed to watch the show after they are done dancing?

No dancers are allowed in the auditorium during the recital.


Additional notes:

  • Make sure costumes are not wrinkled. Keep hung up and steam if necessary

  • Label EVERYTHING with child's name

  • Remove noticeable tags

  • Make sure tights and shoes are clean, no holes, near new

  • No valuables

  • No food/drink in dressing areas

Dress Rehearsal/ Pictures:

  • Picture Day will be a separate Saturday/Sunday. We will post a schedule at the beginning of April.

    • Tentative Date: May 18th

  • Dress rehearsal will take place at Spotlight Dance Conservatory. More details to come.

    • Date of Dress Rehearsal: TBA

*Note: Dress rehearsal is different from the mandatory staging rehearsals.

All information included above is subject to change at any time based on theater availability, studio availability, etc.

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