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We are proud to hold classes for all ages, levels, and abilities! There is truly something for everyone at every stage of life.


Some genres we offer include: Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theater. 


Acro is designed to teach students tumbling, build strength, and gain flexibility. Class usually begins with cardio exercises to get the heart rate up, stretching and strength building exercises. We then proceed to work on progressive skills on the mat. Our Acro teachers are Acrobatic Arts certified and our program follows the Acrobatic Arts progressive curriculum for dancers to master certain skills before moving on to the next level. From basic skills such as forward rolls and backbends, to advanced movements such as aerials and back handsprings, our instructors are trained in proper spotting techniques for the safety of all our dancers.


An upbeat, fast paced class introducing the fundamentals of hip-hop dance utilizing age appropriate movement and music. Gross motor skill development, strengthening and stretching are all a part of this class as well. Please wear clean sneakers that are only used for this class. No street "outdoor" shoes are permitted in the studios.


A fun introductory class for kids ages 2 through 4 years old. Pre-dance is designed to begin to bring awareness to movement, music, taking turns, and a structured learning environment. ​ Children will gain an introduction to basic movement including stretching, across the floor exercises, and some beginner elements of ballet and jazz technique.


Ballet is the foundational technique in which all other dance forms have been built. Classes include warm-ups and exercises at the barre to build the proper technique, strength, posture, and flexibility needed to become proficient in dance. Following barre, the class will move on to center work where they will continue working on technique and gracefulness while learning terminology and technique. ​ Advanced dancers who are over the age of 12 years old, may be considered for pre-pointe and pointe work. Pointe requires a great amount of strength in the foot, ankles, and core. Dancers will only be eligible for pointe instruction at the recommendation of the instructor.


Jazz is a lively, rhythmic dance style that is known for its energetic and dynamic movements. Often incorporating elements of ballet, modern dance, and tap; jazz classes work help to further technical ability. Jazz dance emphasizes individual expression, improvisation, and a strong connection to the music. Jazz dance can be characterized by its syncopated rhythms, isolations, and a wide range of movements including leaps, turns, and kicks.

Contemporary & Lyrical

Dancers will learn to express themselves through the art of dance and music. Contemporary dance combines musicality and emotion to use choreography to tell a story. In the same way, lyrical utilizes the story of a song to help guide choreography while combining elements of both ballet and jazz together to create more dynamic movement. Both contemporary and lyrical classes build upon technique and help dancers learn to dig deep to enhance their performance skills and help the audience feel the story they are telling.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater classes offer students the opportunity to study the performing arts in a more comprehensive way. Classes include instruction in singing, acting, and dancing to immerse students in all aspects of musical theater. Proper vocal warm-ups are taught and practiced and the year culminates in a performance of a chosen piece from a fun, popular, age-appropriate theater production.


Tap is a performance art that relies on a dancer creating rhythms with their feet. Dancers will progress through tap technique learning musicality, syncopation, and rhythm making.

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