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The Magic of Christmas

Check off Sunday December 8th on you’re calendar because  “The Magic of Christmas” is back with much more to offer. It’s our way of giving back to the community and get into the holiday spirit. This time we’ve decided that all proceeds (100%) will go to the Catherine Hubbard Foundation. This performance can act as a great community service opportunity for our teens too.


Dance Etc’s vision is to give all it’s students as many opportunities to perform in as many different ways as possible.  This year we will perform a  variety act song and dance show featuring holiday favorites and selections from the Nutcracker.......and even a Santa dance performed by the parents! This is a show not to be missed!!

Show date: Saturday, December 8th

Where: Newtown High School

Time: 4:00pm Showtime Please set aside 2pm-8pm that day just to be safe. We are only having one show, but we may need some time beforehand to rehearse and set up. Dancers age 3-5 will be called at 3:30pm and not earlier. We expect the show to run 90 minutes long. 

Participation Fee: $75 (This covers your costume rental, staff, insurance, and any additional rehearsal/production costs

Sign up is available online or in the office. Please sign up before November 4th.

Ticket sales: Tickets will run $10-$15 per person with discounts for children and seniors. Online ticket sales will being November 17th. Tickets will also be available for purchase during store/office hours.


How we will learn our routines and rehearse:


We are assigning classes where the students learn their routine for the show. Instead of learning a “combination” during that class, they will learn the choreography for the show. A great way to prepare ourselves for spring recital performance too!


YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE. But, of course, we hope you do! If you opt out, you are to come to your class as scheduled and will learn the choreography for the routine (which will include the skills based the curriculum we’ve set for November.) It will just happen to be set to a holiday song.


Here are the classes that we would like to use for the show:

  • If your class is NOT listed and still want to be a part of the show, please contact us so we can find a place for you.

  • If you are in more than one class, we will assume you’d like to participate in all routines  unless you tell us otherwise.


Monday classes:

9:15 Broadway Babies

4:30 Hip Hop grades 3-4

5:30 Hip Hop/Acro

5:30 Hot Shot Hip Hop

6:45 Ballet 2A/2B

7:30 Hip Hop grades 5-7

7:30 Hip Hop grades 8-10


Tuesday classes:

4:00 Ballet level 4

4:30 Jazz grades 3-4

5:30 Jazz grades 1-2

5:30 Tap grades 3-4

6:00 Ballet level 2A/2B

7:30 Tap grades 5-6


Wednesday classes:

4:00 Ballet 2A/2B/3A

4:30 Kindercombo

4:30 Jazz/Tap Combo

5:30 Contemporary grades 6-7

5:30 Lyrical grades 3-5

6:30 Acro level 3

7:30 Contemporary grades 4-6

7:45 Lyrical grades 8 & up

8:30-9:00 Parent Santa Dance Rehearsal


Thursday classes:

12:15 Pre-dance

2:15 Ballet/Tap I

4:15 Lyrical grades 5-7

4:30 Ballet/Tap II

4:30 Hip Hop grades 5-6

6:30 Ballet 2B/3A/3B


Friday classes:

9:30 Pre-dance

10:15 Ballet/Tap I

4:30 Ballet/Tap combo grades 1-2

4:30 Hip Hop grades 2-4

4:30 Musical Theatre grades 1-5

5:30 Broadway Workshop


Saturday classes:

9:15 Pre-dance

9:30 Ballet/Tap I

10:00 Kindercombo

10:15 Ballet/Tap I

11:00 Parent Santa Dance Rehearsal 11/3-12/8 ( yes we will squeeze in one more rehearsal on show day!)

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