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Jump Dance Convention
Dance Etc is heading to Boston the first weekend in May for a weekend full of master class!
Answers to some questions:
Do we have to enroll in both days?
No! You can choose to dance just one day. 

One-day participants can register for the One-Day Workshop for Saturday OR Sunday. If possible, we recommend that participants register for Saturday since the Sunday classes are often continuations of what is started in class on Saturday.

One-day participants are NOT eligible for any scholarships.

How old does my dancer be in order to participate?

Jump offers a great program for little ones age 5 and up!

What is an "observer"?

Each parent or chaperone wanting to enter the ballroom must purchase an "observer" pass. We can assign one or two parents to be observers in each room to help out. Dance Etc staff will be present, but may not be in every room during every class. 

Do we have to stay in the host hotel? 

You can stay wherever you want. It is convenient to run up the room and be able to have your belongings close by. 

What are the costs?

Observer pass $55

Jump Start Observer $45

Jumpstart Dancer (age 5-7) $200

Jumpstart one day $135

Dancer (age 8-up) $265

Dancer one day $180

How do I register?

Register in the office or online in the parent portal. 

Check out the amazing Faculty!!! 

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