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September Team News

Email sent Sept 2

Dear Dancers and Parents,

Here we are, September 2nd! 

Fall Classes

  • Classes begin September 14th, but we would like to call in our team kids on Tuesday and Thursday September 8 & 10 to work on our routines and technique. A schedule will be emailed out soon with specifics. 

  • Your Tuesday and Thursday class schedules have been entered and you should see them in your parent portal, and we will be adding your Saturday classes shortly for you. 

    • We are super excited for our new class format. Please be mindful that class lists were generated in sometimes a certain way because of a dancer's experience in a certain genre. 

  • We are currently working on the Saturday Rehearsal Schedule and will send it out to everyone as soon as it is complete.

Covid-19 Protocols 

  • We will be strictly adhering to our Covid-19 protocols that have been put in place. Please make sure all dancers and family members abide by the following guidelines: 

  • Teachers and students must wear a mask at all times. 

  • All students must enter through the front of the building and exit through the back. 

  • When students enter their name and temperature will be recorded along with responses the following questions: 

    • Have you or anyone in your home been experiencing any flu-like/covid-19 symptoms? 

    • Have you traveled out of the state of CT in the past 14 days? If yes, where? 

  • Studio doors can remain open if temperature allows it. 

  • Ceiling fans will be on to help circulate air flow. 

  • Hand sanitizer (for both hands and feet if barefoot) is available and required when entering class and before leaving class. 

  • Grid lines and other markers are on the floor and barres to keep students distanced properly. 

  • Teachers will wipe down/disinfect all touched surfaces before switching classes/studios.

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned every hour. 

  • Floors are steamed mopped and sterilized daily. 

**Please be advised that we are asking students not to "hang out" in the lobby areas in between their classes during this time. If your dancer has a significant amount of time in between classes, please be sure they are picked up. Parents and family members are not permitted to wait in the lobby areas during class times. 


  • We will have our Virtual Recital will have grand viewing at Edmund Town Hall on Friday, September 11th! "Doors" open at 7pm 

Showbiz - Waterbury, CT Sept 25 - 26

  • Let us know if your solo, duet or trio is ready!  

    • If you'd like to compete your solo/duet/trio, please email Nadine by Sunday, September 6th at 

    • Please specify which routine(s) you would like to compete with. 

  • We are also looking to bring groups who are ready as well. 

  • Here is their Covid protocol -

  • Jen experienced first hand how they are running events and was very pleased and confident with their approach to keep everyone safe. 

Summer Hours

  • Make sure your summer hours are completed and logged!

    • Intensive/Collective Team Members - 10 hours at Dance Etc. 

    • Company - 30 hours - 10 hours at Dance Etc. 

  • Pop Up Class with Kellyann - Thursday September 3rd! Register online! 

    • 4 - 5pm ages 12 and under - $20

    • 5 - 7pm ages 13 and up - $30 

  • Still need more hours?! Workshop Weekend! 

    • We are setting up a weekend workshop for September 12 and 13. 

    • Classes will run each day 10am - 1pm and then 2 - 5pm. 

    • Classes will be $25 each or $180 for the entire weekend. 

  • If you still need to complete more hours we highly recommend: 

    • CLI Studios online classes 

    • BDC online classes 

Billing and Payments 

  • Billing will now be handled by Don Pothier. If you have any questions or concerns can be reached at

  • July and August billing for Team has been delayed as we work aligning billing for this season with credits for last season's solos, duets, and trios. We appreciate your patience!! 

  • Dance Team Fees for July, August and September will be due on Sept. 15th 

  • Installments going forward will be due on the 15th of the month respectively, through March.

  • Every Intensive Team member needs to register as an intensive team member in the 2020-2021 dance season.

  • Dance Etc and Company members need to register as that in the 2020 - 2021 season. 

  • All other team members register by class. 

Staff Contacts 

  • Jen -

  • Nadine -

  • Brandy -

  • Olivia -

Parent Meeting 

  • TBA before regular classes start

  • Meeting will be held via Zoom. An email and link will be sent out beforehand.

Thank you!!

Dance Etc.

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