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Important Dates - Possible Team Schedule

Starsystems in Worcester, MA - Aug. 21-23

Spirit of Dance in Providence, RI - Sept 19 or Worcester, MA Oct. 10-11

Showbiz in Waterbury - Sept. 25-27

We really hope to get our 2019-2020 routines on stage this fall!

Our goal is to close up our 2019-2020 season as soon as we can so we can move on to and focus on our 2020-2021 routines. If we don't get a chance to bring any 2019-2020 routines this fall, we will be bringing EVERYTHING (except productions) to the spring competitions. If we go to Diva dance again, we will be bring our new routines since we competed there already.

2021 Dates

Feb 5-7 Starsystems in Hartford

March 26-28 Spirit of Dance Bridgeport, CT

April 10-11 Showbiz in Waterbury - (HEADS UP - this is the weekend of spring break. IF you are traveling anywhere, travel on Monday the 12)

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