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Covid-19 Protocol for summer classes

Below are the basic actions we will be taking when teaching live classes. These may be altered as the state government provides their own updates.

Covid-19 protocol:

-All students will enter from the front and exit out the back

-Ceiling fans will be blowing upward

-Doors can be opened if the temperature allows it

-Students will stay in each room and the teachers will rotate

-Hand sanitizer will be available and required on the way in and on the way out.

-Grid lines and other markers will be on the floors to keep students distanced properly

-Masks will be worn by everyone if dancers are less than 12 feet apart

-Temperatures will be taken when entering the studio by state provided thermometer

-No one will be allowed in the lobby area

-Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every hour

-Floors will be steam mopped and sterilized daily

-Teachers will disinfect everything they have touched before switching studios

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