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Q. What's the difference between collective and intensive divisions?

A. Class requirements.

The collective dancers will be required to take ballet, a company (jazz) technique class and the class(es) for their team genre(s). They will have more flexibility in choosing days of the week to dance.

The intensive division will be required to take all company classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They will all take ballet, jazz tech, a hybrid of contemporary/modern/lyrical, hip hop, tap, acro and a "floater" class which will fluctuate depending on the needs of the dancers at that time. We are planning on have 3-4 different levels of classes so each dancer will be placed in the appropriate level. Don't worry - The non tap team dancers will take a tap class with their other non tap team dancers. We feel that this will create a very cohesive and well rounded group of dancers. Tap provides musicality, acro provides flexibility and strength, etc.


Q. What routines will I be in next season?

A. We want all dancers to participate in their 2019-2020 routines and participate in one NEW routine. Dancers may also apply to be a replacement for those routines needing more dancers.


Q. Do company classes perform in the recital?

A. No, company classes do not prepare a routine for the recital. Your team may be selected to represent our program in the recital so every team dancer is required to be available. We also typically open the show with either the jazz or tap production.


Q. Will the company classes be exclusively for the intensive and/or collective division dancers?

A. In a perfect world, yes. However, there have been dancers wanting that level of training and have been invited into these classes. They are usually past team dancers and understand the company class objectives


. Q. Does the capped tuition cover non-company and required classes?

A. Yes, dancers will be available to take additional class, but classes may be combined or cancelled due to enrollment size.


Q. What protocols are being taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A. We have researched the state guidelines for each phase and have decided to wait for phase 3 to open. This phase has more dance studio specific guidelines. Below is the phase 2 guidelines given to us.

Download PDF • 3.11MB

We have also taken consideration the CIAC guidelines for youth sports.

Download P • 2.56MB

A full list guidelines and requirements will be posted on our website and posted at the studio when phase 3 has opened up.

We realize it's very difficult for you to make decisions and a commitment based on an unpredictable dance season structure. Please reach out so we can have a conversation regarding your concerns.


Q. If I am doing a solo, what are my requirements?

A. It depends on your track and what solo you want to do. If you are an intensive or company dancer, no more classes will be required. If you are a collective dancer, and want to do a solo different from the genres of dance you are currently training in, then you will need to add that specific genre.


Q. Do I need to apply for a solo if I plan on competing with my 2019-2020 solo in the 2020-2021 season?

A. No, you only need to apply for new solo opportunities.


Q. What is the difference between company and intensive?

A. In addition to the T/TH/S schedule, the company dancers will be required to take an additional ballet class on Wednesday. They will attend 2 conventions/competitions during the season. They will learn at least 1 (I'm hoping for 2) new routines for the 2020-2021 season during their company class. They will compete with these routines at every competition. They will attend classes in NYC.


Q. Will there be new additions to the staff (specifically Saturday coaches) for the 2020-2021 season?

A. We are in the process of getting our fall schedule together. If we need additional faculty, this is what we look for:

  1. Dance education experience (a great dancer does not necessarily make a great educator)

  2. Commitment and team player mind set. We want someone who is invested in their class/team and the success of the studio in general.

  3. Reliability - We are looking for educators who show up and show up on time.

  4. Has competition exposure - It is an added bonus if someone has experienced competitive events as a competitor, judge or observer.

  5. Willing to grow and learn - We look for educators who are willing to continue their own education.

  6. Nurturing, but firm - We want educators who take every aspect of their class/team in mind on a daily basis. A good educator can switch gears and accommodate last minute evaluations regarding daily class goals.

What we don't consider: Their age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, political affiliation, other careers to supplement their income.


Q. Do I HAVE to participate in all routines I was a part of in 2019-2020?

A. Yes, but we are looking into a few specific situations.


Q. Will any 2019-2020 routines be eliminated or dissolved.

A. No, but we will know for sure after the audition process. We want every routine to continue to evolve. We are expecting changes in routines and adjustments to keep dancers challenged, but we believe it is important for each team to fulfill their original accomplishment - no matter how challenging it was.


Q. What's difference between mini team and rec team?

A. Mini and Rec team both compete in 2 competitions

Mini team dancers enroll in a class for their team in additional to one other technical class.

Rec teams are required to take the class of the team genre.

Rec team dancers are required to learn their routine(s) in August prior to the dance season.

Rec team members participate in a production or large group routine that included all rec division dancers.

  • Please note that the 2020-2021 season decisions regarding a production number will be guided by the amount of new rec division dancers that auditions.


Q. Can I book studio space to video tape my audition material?

A. We will get back to you once we find a system that can work for this request.


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