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What is included with my dance team payment?
Your dance team payment includes all competition entry fees, costumes and accessories, choreography, weekly rehearsals and your team deposit. 
What is not included with my dance team payment?
Your dance team payment does NOT include tuition for classes, shoes, tights, additional solo/duet/trio choreography, make-up, and team spirit wear.
When is my payment due? Are there any discounts?
Your dance team payment is due the 15th of the Month (July - March) We do offer incentives for paying in full and paying with a check. Sibling discounts do not apply however. 
Why do I need the Jam Cosmetics Dance Team Performance Make - up? 
Jam Cosmetics was designed specifically for the competition dancer in mind - long days, bright lights, costume changes, sweating, etc. In order to also look cohesive as a group, we want all of our team dancers to have the same look on their face just as we want them to have the same look in costume. Some items can be bought at the local drug store, but the pallet is required. 
How do I put on the competition make up?
What is the schedule for competition weekend?
The competition companies send out the schedule to us about 7 days prior to the event. We will email out call times as soon as we get them.
What is a call time?
A "call time" is the time your need to be at the venue READY TO GO. Warmed up, dressed, ready, hair make up - everything. Do NOT walk in at your call time. These competitions often run early and we are required to be ready to compete during a certain time frame. 
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