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About Us

About Our Studio:


Originally established in 1985, Dance Etc. is a staple within the area known for giving quality dance education to the children of the surrounding communities. It is currently under the direction of former professional dancer and RCMH Rockette, Jennifer Turey Draghi. Dance Etc. School for Performing Arts, Inc. is commited to providing high-quality dance classes to enhance the overall development of the child. We provide a safe and child-centered environment to encourage our students to explore dance with qualified, nurturing teachers. We believe that dance training encourages young people to develop a positive self-image as they increase awareness of their physical being. Along with improving coordination skills and developing muscular awareness, dance classes give children the freedom to express themselves through movement.

Our Staff:


The highest educational standards are expected from all Dance Etc. School for Performing Arts, Inc. faculty members. They are lifelong learners who continue to educate themselves through professional classes and workshops, certification programs, teacher training schools, conferences, and other learning opportunities.



Our Goals:


Not all children will develop into professional dancers. One of the primary goals of our faculty is to teach life lessons and skills that offer children the best chance for success. Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps your children learn. We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance. 

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